Updated February 2004

Programs that Stonewall Arts Project Inc
or Geese USA Offers
Responsivity centered teaching

learning + hand-outs + training
for anyone in the criminal justice system.


Point Return or the Lifting The Weight
Lifting The Weight is a one hour interactive show for teaching social skills to offenders close to returning to the world. It is created in four days , on site, using two trained actors and four offenders. It is very fast paced, for an audience of no more than 30 offenders at a time.
(This show was created by John Bergman in 1982 and is a copyright protected production of Geese USA.)

Point Return is a more pragmatic version of LTW . It's focus is social and interpersonal skills development through role play and some drama therapy. This is a full training module to teach staff an active strategy for preparing incarcerated young and older offenders how to return to the realities of the street/home/school.

The Re-Usable/ Disposable Life Script

This is a five day intensive focusing on drug and alcohol use which empowers young offenders/users to re-enact the affective moments of using, depression, hopelessness/rage and eventually convert these moments into their task/goal/treatment oriented lesson plans. The Re-use/Dispose scripts can be videotaped, re-performed or used in class later or just thrown away.

How to make your own!
This is a four day training in how to create an original production with anyone as either a celebration, dramatic lesson, catharsis or critical re-examination of group communication practices.


Zip 5
Drama therapy training for counselors working with adolescent and adult sexual offenders or sexually reactive children. This work includes identifying victim empathy, affect regulation, personal victimization issues, affectively intensive role work, confronting cognitive distortions, developing treatment metaphors.

Holding Back
Drama therapy, role-play, drama training in training staff to work with young offenders who are violent or have significant issues in aggressive impulse control. The work focuses acutely on converting cognitive restructuring into real time affective tests of intervention skills as well as training in other "stopping" strategies.

Drumbeat Of Violence
This is a three day training for workers of all types working with adult rapists. Much of the current sex offender training is for pedophiles. Rapists present huge challenges for therapists. The training focusses on drama strategies, techniques to ensure equal gender staff participation and methods to gain entry to the very private paraphilic world of the rapist.


Ethics in Action.

Culturally sensitive trainings for all levels of correctional workers from commissioner to line officer in ethical development. Everyone believes they know what ethics is but not many people know how to arrive at an ethical decision, what to do next. How do ethics and in-system rules match up? Often they have little to do with each other. 20 staff at a time, three days at a time, interactive curricula using role play, pictures and small group work - covering interstaff bullying, classical ethics, system sabotage and the role of staff in offender change.

What's The Answer?

Globally, criminal justice systems have some points of similarity, but cultural beliefs play a large part in any consultant outsiders' successful advice to them . "What's the Answer" is : on site visits, data analysis, meetings and a series of small interactive "forum" meetings to find critical examples of system failure-correctional staff distrust , staff bullying staff, ethical corruption . These "forum" sessions of Stonewall Arts Project Inc. create the training strategies.

What about you?

A two day session for counselors, therapists and facility staff focusing on - new communication strategies, personal creativity, regaining a private self, healing the wound of work. This program is an intensive and private staff development program, always given off-site.

Creating The Communal Ear

This is a ten day intensive to forge new therapeutic communities in your facility. This program is focussed specifically on juvenile or correctional workers-the face-to-face enacters of your program. The aim is to teach about and create a therapeutic community, to teach staff how to maintain interactive treatment strategies for violent youth and violent adult offenders .

Special attention is paid to:
A. The relationship between discipline in the rest of the facility and in the therapeutic community
B . Approved therapeutic principles
C . Senior staff and issue of short-handedness
D . Supervision


Plus on-going supervision of sex offender/violent offender therapists and treatment staff
ON-going drama therapy with "difficult" or "resistant" clients
Site-specific affect based treatment design.

Please ask for:

Actually most of our programs are designed entirely for your facility
- look for the distinctive bag of masks and the experimental exercises.

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