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Welcome to the Geese Theatre Company. Drama therapy in prisons, for correctional staff, sexual offenders, dramatherapy for violent offenders, juvenile and adult, theatre for corrections or in prisons, international and national-gasp-web Page.

It’s 23 years of experiential theatre and therapy, 42 states, 9 countries—Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Croatia, South Africa, Romania, United States.

And a huge apology- we won’t let it be this long again before we update again!!!

There are changes! We have archived some of the old sections, and we are splitting up two others.

Kicking and screaming, dramatherapy lurches into the 21st.century. With a thousand advances in knowledge about the brain alone , we are inching our way into understanding what we do. When dramatherapy makes CHANGE, everyone can feel it. What is it? What is happening? Is it different for a blind woman than for a compulsive sexual offender? Can it be replicated? When the change occurs, what parts of the body are affected? What does dance and movement have to teach us? What about Bessel van der Kolk‘s “ And the Body Keeps the Score?” How? And how does attachment change the experiences we have to make- and how do we guard against the ravages of the chronically angry? It is dramatherapy’s time.

Hence this place, along with so many other practitioners’ sites. This is for all our friends who do the work and don’t have any qualifications. And for all those who have them and try to share what they have.

This year, like Kim Dent-Brown we are focused on information, evidence, securing our place against the flow of “psycho-logic”, but in the place of being believed.

URGENT: Please help us in Romania with Transcena’s therapeutic communities - (average wages in Romania are 125 dollars per month!) They need paper, pens, newsprint, and paint. Please connect with us at or

Corrections Victoria - your new information is to be found by following this link: CLICK HERE

We so look forward to connecting with you all

John and Tosser and Geese USA.



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